This is the first article published about Daisy Roots Vintage written by myself for an American magazine 'Creating Vintage Charm'.

The magazine is beautiful and inspirational.


Grapes of Wrath

Oct 08 2012

When my husband built our oak framed garden room he wanted to plant a grape vine to give the room shade in the summer months. It was to be planted outside but with an opening to bring the vine into the garden room.  In the first few years the vine was very slow growing until my daughter told us of a vine feed that she had used with great success.  It had nothing on’ Jack and the Beanstalk’ and Wow did it grow!

The vine today covers the whole glass roof and looks very pretty when the leaves start to burst open in early April but then the flowers come – the little fluffy flowers drop everywhere and so my wrath begins.  By late May all the leaves are out and the grapes are starting to swell, you might think that is the end, but know it seems to have its own little micro climate in between the glass roof and the vine, condensation drips all day leaving little puddles everywhere.  You might say that it needs more ventilation but even having all the windows and doors open doesn’t stop the drip, drip, drip of condensation. 

As summer starts to fade into Autumn the bunches of black grapes have swollen looking like giant clusters of black pearls and the leaves start to turn from pale green to the beautiful hues of orange,  gold and red.  They look wonderful and then without a fond farewell drop to the floor, hundreds of dead leaves crunchy under foot start to fall.

I’ve had enough by now I find the step ladder and wielding my secateurs head for the garden room, off with their branches.  I cut away dying stems and place bunches of black juicy grapes into my lovely old wooden trug.

My kitchen now looks like a school science lab with chairs turned upside down with muslin strung from each leg dripping this red elixir into a large bucket.  Well our American friends can make it and so can I - grape jelly galore!

So my wrath has turned to a satisfying Yum, Yum when I spread my ruby coloured grape jelly on hot buttered toast Mmmmmmmmm

Happy autumn




Well what a week, it has just rained all week and for me it’s been more cats than dogs as my two pussy cats Hector and Hamish have been curled up in front of the Aga for most of the week.  There’s been no progress in the kitchen garden but in the greenhouse I've been busy sowing beans, sweet peas and sunflowers.  The beans and sunflowers are up but no sign of the sweet peas which I’ve had in a brown paper bag since last year - so I’m not that hopeful.

The sun has come out today so I will try and get the peas in this afternoon.  I’ve tried several different ways of sowing the peas, in drain pipes and pots but last year I sowed them straight into the ground in a small circle which I covered with a large plastic cloche until they popped their heads into the sunshine.  My husband then used some sheep wire and made a circle to go around the peas which worked fantastically and the peas were so much easier to pick.

My French Beans and Black Nero (Cavalo) Cabbage are the next to be sown so I will do that over the weekend at least in the warmth of the greenhouse.

Good gardening


Easter Bunnies

Apr 03 2012


I always feel when Easter comes around that it’s time for summer or is that just wishful thinking.  The weather has been so glorious over the last week that I think I’ve been lulled into a sense of false security.

Over the weekend I need to sow some tomatoes and early peas.  In the greenhouse I can now sow carrots (it’s the only place the mice don’t eat the seeds) and ‘cut and come again’ lettuce.

Daisy Roots has lots of vintage watering cans, tools and planters to help you get into the gardening mood this Easter.

Check them out.

Happy Easter Suzi

Spring is in the Air

Mar 15 2012

Spring has definitely been in the air over the last couple of days – with clear blue skys and daffodils raising their heads to the sun almost smiling or maybe that was me.
Work has started in the kitchen garden and the winter vegetables are starting to flourish, lots of lovely purple sprouting broccoli and savoy cabbages.  Next month, once the soil has warmed up a little I can start peas, beans and lots of other delicious goodies.
Daisy Roots Vintage has also been busy and over the next couple of days I will be adding some lovely gardenalia and china for you to enjoy.  Prop Hire has also had its first item added and new items will be added over the next few months.
Enjoy the weather and long may it last.

First Post

Nov 15 2011

Wow, here we are, live and so excited to be able to now sell on-line. Search and find unique treasured items for your home and garden.


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