Well what a week, it has just rained all week and for me it’s been more cats than dogs as my two pussy cats Hector and Hamish have been curled up in front of the Aga for most of the week.  There’s been no progress in the kitchen garden but in the greenhouse I've been busy sowing beans, sweet peas and sunflowers.  The beans and sunflowers are up but no sign of the sweet peas which I’ve had in a brown paper bag since last year - so I’m not that hopeful.

The sun has come out today so I will try and get the peas in this afternoon.  I’ve tried several different ways of sowing the peas, in drain pipes and pots but last year I sowed them straight into the ground in a small circle which I covered with a large plastic cloche until they popped their heads into the sunshine.  My husband then used some sheep wire and made a circle to go around the peas which worked fantastically and the peas were so much easier to pick.

My French Beans and Black Nero (Cavalo) Cabbage are the next to be sown so I will do that over the weekend at least in the warmth of the greenhouse.

Good gardening


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