French Confiture Glasses - 1/2 litre

I just love these French confiture glasses. They have ripples, bubbles and bumps which makes them absolutely perfect if you collect them!

The glasses can be used to store preserves, herbs and spices, or a tumbler for cocktails – I also use them to add a little touch of romance to the table lined up with tea-lights or just flowers.

I use them for storing my preserves when I have an abundance of plums, apples and berries from my orchard.

In September I always have an abundance of fruit especially Damsons which I adore so I thought I would give you my receipe

Recipe for Damson Preserve

2.2 lbs / 1kg Damsons

2.2 lbs / 1kg Granulated Sugar

¾ pint / 400ml Water

 I always place a few plates in the freezer ready for testing.

Make sure your jars are clean then place on a baking tray in a medium hot oven to sterilise whilst making your preserve.

Wash the Damsons and remove any stalks. I always cut in half and remove the stones. I place the stones in a muslin bag, tie and hang inside the preserving pan when boiling the preserve. I find this much easier than leaving the Damsons whole and then trying to fish the stones out when the jam has set.

Add the cut Damsons and water to your preserving pan on a medium heat and simmer for about ½ and hour. Every 5 minutes or so break up the Damsons with a spoon as they cook.

Add the sugar and stir continuously until completely dissolved.

Turn the heat up to high and allow the mixture to boil for about 10 minutes. Take one of the plates from the freezer add a teaspoon of preserve to the cold plate and test with your finger to see if a skin has formed and wrinkles when pushed, if not boil the preserve for another 2 minutes and try again until setting point is reached.

Remove jars from the oven and let jam and jars to cool a little. Pot up you preserve filling just to the top, seal and label.

Price is per glass

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